Gym Flooring

The most overlooked part of the start up phase. We ensure the right gym flooring  is used in each section of your club. Having a great floor not only adds to the decor and style of your club, but also helps the 'feel' that members have when performing activities. The better someone feels in a place, the longer they stay.

We ensure that the best floor is used for each type of activity area throughout your club, this also helps in cost savings on material.   The general Weight Room Area & Cardio area gets the right flooring which should be a little thinner, the Aerobics area gets the right flooring which is decorative and cushioned for the knees and ankles upon impact, the Freeweights area gets the right flooring which is thicker and reduces vibrations, and so on. We make sure that each section of your facility transitions to the correct gym flooring type dedicated for the activity purpose.

Martial Arts Matting

We also make sure that only the the most durable and safest Martial Arts Mats are utilized for your specific martial art discipline, safety is one thing that should never be sacrificed because of budget when it comes to outfitting a martial arts school with matting.

For stand up martial arts styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Boxing or Muay Thai, we recommend a thinner martial arts mat such as our 1" Combo Mats on the high end, or our Puzzle Mats as the economical option.

When it comes to grappling, ground fighting or any type of martial art or sport that is heavily involved with takedowns, rolls, falls or grappling/ brazilian jiu jitsu then we Highly recommend our Award Winning Pro Series MMA Mats (commercial mats for grappling as well as stand up & HEAVY takedowns & slams) as the most durable option and that has the largest Return On Investment with a lifespan of more than 20 years.  

We completely understand that not everyone is a Pro, and not every Sensei or Club Owner is looking to cater to the professional fighters or competitors - in which case we have the equally as durable MMA Mats (commercial mats for grappling as well as stand up). The identical mat, just 1/2" less in thickness, and still the industry leader in combat training protection with a 10 year warranty. These mats provide a smooth surface with our patented vinyl material where friction tests have been conducted and offer even more traction that traditional Tatami Mats. These smooth surface martial arts mats elliminate any kind of mat burn, making training that much more enjoyable, as well as easy to clean.

Feel free to contact us if this sounds like a service that may be of interest to you.

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