Gym Mats Canada

Gym Mats Canada

When you are looking at gym mats in Canada you will notice that there are a lot of types to choose from. They can cover a very large variety of activities that they are used for. This can include wrestling, gymnastics and even weight lifting. With such a wide range of possible gym mats Canada you will have a hard time choosing the correct ones. That is why you need to consider many different types before you start to build your collection.

If you are looking to get yourself a group of mats for tumbling and gymnastics, the AGM Deluxe Tumbling Mat Is a great gym mat to use. They are best used in cheerleading, martial arts, tumbling and basic physical activities. These mats can also be known as panel mats. They are commonly coated in a resistant vinyl coating that ranges from 14oz to 18oz. These mats also include built in connections via a Velcro section that is on both ends of the mat. You can also procure additional Velcro to connect the mats side by side also.

Types of Gym Mats in Canada

If you are looking to get a system of gym mats Canada that is basically just a rubber floor, you just need to look at a Flex Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor. This is one of the most recognized products around the world due to its easy installation and its extremely long life. The system is made in the USA and is produced from solid vulcanized rubber. This means that in place of recycled tires, that much of the mats used today, you will get a durable floor. The floor tiles come in two foot square tiles and you can fit them together just like a puzzle. This means you do not need to use messy adhesives when installing the system.

Another great selection of Gym Mats Canada are the Bully Mats. This rubber flooring is designed for fitness use and also for the drop zone for weight lifting. The extreme durability of these mats make them perfect for use in these areas. They can also be utilized within a gym setting for a wall to wall flooring to make landing a lot more comfortable. These mats can take a pounding and still live up to their original condition. This is how they got their names. They have a wide variety of toughness’s as well as thicknesses that you can buy them in making them an all around mat for a lot of uses.

So you are in the right place for Gym Mats Canada.

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